Hendry Hydraulic Cyclinders

Hendry Hydraulic Cylinders


About Hendry Hydraulics

Since 1964 Hendry Hydraulic Cylinders have played a prominent global role in the manufacture of high quality hydraulic cylinders.

Our Origins

Initially formed as a family company serving the agricultural industry with telescopic cylinders, opportunities were grasped to expand and develop the company into other industries with the introduction of single and double-acting cylinders to the product range.

Steady growth over the past five decades has allowed the company to continually invest in the latest high technology CNC machine tools; whilst the introduction of robotics, used in the manufacture of glands nuts, piston heads, the threading of tubes and welding, has enabled the company to produce volume components at competitive prices.

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Our Facilities

Today the company continues to be run by the Hendry family, and has expanded to 60,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, and 30,000 sq. ft. of material storage space at its facilities in Elgin, in the north east of Scotland.

In January 2004, a new manufacturing unit in Ashington in the north of England, Hendry Eurohoist Cylinders was opened.  Operating as a fully independent and complete production facility, a new team of highly skilled engineers was assembled to cater for volume production of cylinders. 

Following further expansion in the past decade, today our Ashington facilities has 15,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, and 6,000 sq. ft. of material storage.

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Our Philosophy

Quality and reliability are at the heart of everything we do, with all of our components manufactured in-house to the highest possible standards and specifications. Our vast experience in design and production means we’re well equipped to deliver complete customer satisfaction – with sound design, stringent quality control and precision manufacturing throughout the production process.

Today, we serve a large variety of machinery manufacturers, and our philosophy is to deliver a personal service, excellent customer care, attention to detail, and superior products. 

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Our Future

Today we are at the forefront of hydraulic cylinder development in Europe, and a global supplier to a wide range of OEMs.

We will continue to invest in modern machinery and innovate in design using the latest materials available for manufacture, enabling us to maintain our strong competitive edge as well as supply competitively priced products to our customers.

Above all we will continue to offer a quality and reliable product.  It’s the philosophy on which we were founded, and it has been on this basis that we have steadily grown the company throughout the years.

Every part of our manufacturing process is designed with quality built in, and our customer base had mutually grown because of our field record of reliability.

Our goal is for our philosophy to become globally recognized as symbiotic to our name;

Hendry Hydraulics – for Quality and Reliability.

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