Hendry Hydraulic Cyclinders

Hendry Hydraulic Cylinders


Our Quality Standards and Philosophy

Hendry Hydraulics believes in investing in its staff, and has a highly successful internal apprentice programme ensuring that skills and knowledge are continuously passed on. 

Today, we can proudly say that some of our most experienced and skilled staff were part of that first apprentice programme, and the tradition of annually recruiting and training our next generation of skilled CNC machinists, welders and turners continues today.

Hendry Hydraulic Cylinders primary goal is to build quality and reliable cylinders. The company was founded on this principle, and it continues to be our philosophy today.

With that in mind, quality is installed at all levels and processes in the manufacturing process. Our apprentices are trained with the philosophy of building quality into our products, and this is continued through all levels to management.

It is in our DNA to build quality into all our components and processes, and all working instructions for all orders carry our internal quality procedures for that component.

Cylinder Under Inspection


We have earned our global reputation for providing a high quality and reliable product. Repeat business throughout the years has given us a vast amount of experience in the design and manufacture of cylinders some of them working in the most extreme conditions. Our customers report to us their satisfaction with our products, and we are proud to partner with them in delivering highly reputable end products.

All of our cylinders are subjected to a rigorous 100% testing programme following final assembly, ensuring they meet our customer’s high expectations of satisfaction.

We also invest in the latest quality assurance technologies. A Co-Ordinate Measuring Machine is used for the 3D inspection and measurement of the physical geometrical characteristics of a component, to ensure compliance to the customer’s original specification.

Component Under Inspection by CMM Machine

Component Under Inspection by CMM Machine

In 2012, Hendry Hydraulics achieved the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for its quality and management systems.

Henry Hydraulics Quality Stamps


Quality has and always will be central to everything we do.  A Hendry Hydraulic Cylinder stands for two things – quality and reliability.


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